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Vibration Monitoring Equipments

vibration measurement equipment, vibration measurement system, vibration monitoring instruments    
Vibration Monitors 7000 Series

These are DIN sized instrument for continuous vibration monitoring with optional relay which operates on the vibration level exceeding the set-level. 1 channel and 2 channel versions are available.



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vibration measurement system, vibration monitoring instruments, vibration measurement instruments    
Portable Balancer 1000D

This is a compact instrument for in-situ balancing of rotors in the speed range of 500-6000 RPM. It displays the vibration level in Velocity or Displacement at the running speed and the Stroboscope indicates the angle of the vibration. Very popular amongst lower users and manufacturers. Results can vary with the rotor, but almost always enhances bearing life by lowering vibration levels drastically.



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